Wheel Loaders: Industry Solutions 

For special applications, our ‘Working Gear’ division offers purpose-built machines and attachments that are tailored to whatever you need.  

They are custom designed, custom configured, and custom built:

  • Agriculture & Silage
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Salt & Chemical
Wheel Loaders: Industry Solutions 
Agriculture & Silage

Simple, reliable and safe. Komatsu “Agriculture & Silage” wheel loaders are ideal tools for loading and material handling, for contractors or on large farms.

Fitted with robust safety equipment, they provide protection for both the operator and the machine. Special attention was given to comfort: the Komatsu SpaceCab™ has air-conditioning and a high-level air intake.

Komatsu machines fill all requirements of high quality and know-how to meet the unique needs of our agriculture customers.

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Wheel Loaders: Industry Solutions 
Waste & Recycling

Renowned for high quality standards and reliability, Komatsu meets the huge demand placed on machines by the waste management industry with a wide range of options and modifications available ex factory for our base machines.

This provides the flexibility to adapt the Komatsu wheel loader range to the specific requirements of different waste handling applications and jobsite conditions. Whether you choose the full waste specification or individual components, you’re guaranteed increased machine performance, availability and efficiency.

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Wheel Loaders: Industry Solutions 
Salt & Chemical

A corrosive environment is one of the toughest challenges for any machine. Upgraded with a special coating on the metal parts and with various optional modifications to fit the application at hand, Komatsu “Salt & Chemical” configured wheel loaders hold up even under the most aggressive conditions.

Reduced downtime, less maintenance and repair costs and a long lifetime: Komatsu machines perform as well and last as long as in a non-corrosive environment.

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